Do your water treatment systemsencounter any troubles?

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High Operation cost:

– Chemicals, – Sludge treatment, – Maintenance, – Other costs etc…

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The Water/Wastewater/Recycling Treatment System are non-performanced, do not meet the commited or environmental standard;

Need improvement

Need improvement

The change of water’s characteristics leads to the need for improvement to ensure treatment efficiency, etc…



The staff lack experience.



Depending on end-user specific requirements, we can propose the efficient solution

Troubleshooting consulting

We always understand that the source water plays a very important role in the production process, and the quality of the output wastewater greatly affects the receiving environment.

Therefore, whenever your treatment systems have problems, OMI company is ready to receive information and advise on solutions to handle them as quickly and effectively as possible to minimize the problem/interruption in production as well as the impact on the environment.




System upgrading

The constantly expanding and developing products is a good sign for each Company. Along with the expansion, the amount of production water/generated wastewater has increased accordingly.

Therefore, the capacity of the existing W/WWTP also needs to be raised to meet the necessary amount of water and thoroughly treat the generated wastewater. The construction of a new TP forces the Company to consider a lot because the investment costs are very high.

To solve that problem, OMI will help customers by surveying and evaluating to upgrade the existing TP to reach the desired capacity and ensure the quality of W/WW reaches standard at all times. In addition, OMI is always ready to invest in upgrading/operating the system and take full responsibility according to the Law.

Reduce Operation Cost

Many businesses want to reduce the cost of their products to increase competition in the market. However, one component that causes increased product prices is the water supply/wastewater treatment costs. Each m3 of treated water/wastewater costs too much electricity, chemicals, etc.

Understanding this problem, OMI has spent a lot of time and human resources researching suitable technologies for different wastewater types, and supply water standards. Thereby, we can optimize the operation process to reduce operation costs, and help customers reduce a “huge fee” for water/wastewater treatment.




OMI JSC is one of leading contractor in Vietnam for providing the OPERATING SERVICE PACKAGE with the cost based on VND/M3. Let’s explore the competitive advantages:

Tối ưu chi phí vận hành hệ thống xử lý

Optimization of the operation cost

Giám sát hoạt động hệ thống nghiêm ngặt và hiệu quả

Stick and effective monitoring for the operating system

Không ngừng nghiên cứu nâng cao hiệu suất hoạt động</h3> </p> </div> <p>

Countinous research to increase the operational performance

Đội ngũ chuyên gia giàu kinh nghiệm

Expert engineering capability

Khắc phục sự cố 24/7

Troubleshooting 24/7



Let our experts help you to advise, optimize the operation of water/wastewater treatment stations and handle problems.

About us


The current trend of the world always puts the goal of product development in parallel with environmental protection. For a business to do both things well at the same time, it needs the support of specialized companies.

OMI company is a key to solving all concerns and difficulties for businesses. As a reliable consulting center, optimizing the operation and troubleshooting of water/wastewater treatment systems, we always strive to find the best solutions to accompany you.



OMI owns technologies – a universal key to solve well of all concerns and difficulties for businesses related to water/wastewater treatment operations.



OMI accompanies customers Anytime – Anywhere – Solves all problems related to Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems to ensure the production of customers.



Environmental protection;
Accompanying customers;
Reputation,, responsibility, dedication.


Typical operation service projects


Performance – Sustainability – Satisfaction

Hiệu suất

Ensure processing efficiency meets standards and requirements

Certainly ensure the treatment result with OMI commitment:

  • Guaranteeing the processing results of the Treatment System.
  • Analyze & control water quality at each treatment stage of the system.
  • Expenses for periodic monitoring of water quality indicators.
  • Responsible for handling legal procedures related to Wastewater & Recycling Treatment Plants with authorities.
chương trình

Chemical Treatment Program

Research, consultant & supply the chemical treatment program (CTP):

  • Suitable with the characteristics of Water Quality, Technical Treatment System, Treatment Specific Needs, …
  • Dosing Chemical Treatment Program with accurate rate to optimize the efficient performance & OpEx.
Nhân viên

Operating Staff, Supervisor & Manager

With the Operation Staff, Supervisor & Manager more than 20 experience years working in the Water Treatment field:

  • Provide the people & operation process belong the strict & effective management.
  • Fulfill the satisfaction of customers.
Bảo trì

Routine maintenance and replacement

Maintain the processing efficiency, ensure the sustainability for the system:/p>

  • Periodically clean system and check the equipment in system: Pump, Stirrer, Air Blow, Sludge press, etc.
  • Plan & do replace the spare part.
  • Repair the equipment (depending on require’s customer).
Báo cáo

Periodic reports to customers

Report on operational results by day, week and month at the request of customers, helping customers to grasp
specific information and update it most often.

Nghiên cứu

Constantly R&D looking for new
effective solutions

With a modern R&D department, we are constantly researching and improving new & effective solutions.